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    Aunt Mári's Guesthouse is located in Nagyhajmás, a quiet village in Baranya county that has a population of 450. It used to be a fully operational farm, and was the childhood home of the landlord, Dr Jozsef Jurisits. It has been lovingly restored to offer a comfortable stay for visitors while keeping its rustic feel and original features. It reopened as a Guesthouse on June 1. 2005. The authentic ’germanic-style’ house is located in a village surrounded by beautiful countryside.  Fully renovated, it offers a pleasant, relaxing stay for up to 10 guests (4 guest rooms) throughout the year.

    During their stay, guests can acquaint themselves with traditional farm activities such as looking after livestock and growing crops, and also learn about the folk culture of ’germanic’ people, in the warm and friendly environment created by the owners.


Looking forward to offering you a warm welcome

Dr Jurisits Józsefné and family

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